Mission Statement

To motivate and inspire self-identifying females of all abilities to reach their rock climbing goals through education, outdoor recreation and applied fitness in a team setting.

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Vision Statement

To be the top recommended non-profit and community in the Pacific Northwest where self-identifying females go to learn, train and climb together to achieve their rock climbing goals.

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Rock Climbing Courses

MISSION: To provide opportunities for self-identifying females to learn and master the skills required to meet their rock climbing goals in a fun, supportive and inclusive environment.


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Training for Climbing Clubs

MISSION: To create a team environment where womxn can recognize and achieve their highest potential by learning how to utilize the climbing gym and workout areas to increase their climbing skills.

Train Hard. Climb Hard.

Womxn Aspiring To Be Better Climbers

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Outdoor Climbing Trips

MISSION: To provide opportunities for self-identifying females to practice their rock climbing skills in a supportive, inclusive and fun environment.

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MISSION: Support the 100% volunteer-run programs Never Stop Moving provides for womxn to foster friendship, empowerment, education, and diversity within the climbing community.

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Non-Profit or LLC?

Never Stop Moving was initially formed and is currently a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to separate liabilities between the owner, volunteers and members due to the activities taking part. The Never Stop Moving community continues to grow and we realize what potential we have to make a change in people’s lives. We recognize our mission is more in line with a non-profit organization. Therefore, starting in January 2020, we will be moving forward to change the Never Stop Moving, LLC to an official 501c3 organization. We feel this will allow NSM to have more opportunity to grow in the right direction. Please be patient with us as we navigate these changes.

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to email info@neverstopmoving.org.

Need NEW Club Coordinators!

We are looking for some new club coordinators for the Fall Training Season starting on the first week of September and ending mid December.

We are looking for the following positions:

1) Co-Lead at Vertical World in Seattle, WA

2) Lead and Co-Lead at Stone Gardens in Bellevue, WA

3) Lead at Elevation Rock Gym in North Logan, UT

4) Lead at Summit Everett in Everett, WA

Application due by August 1st, 2019

NEW! Hiking Conditioning Series

Interested in getting outside after work during the week days and completing conditioning hikes with your fellow NSM members?

Work together to increase your aerobic capacity by gradually increasing the weight you are carrying and the speed / distance you are hiking to get in better summer hiking shape! Doesn’t matter how experienced you are, all are welcome!

Upcoming Events

Summer Climbing Courses

Join us for a 2 Day Sport Climbing Course or an Intro to Outdoor Climbing Course at Mount Erie, WA this coming weekend!

We have added additional climbing courses this summer for you to take advantage of!

Take a look at the NEW SCHEDULE!

Exit 38 Photo

Weekday Exit 38 Climbing Series

Our Tuesday evening climbing sessions at Exit 38 in North Bend, WA are starting soon which means Summer is coming!

Every other Tuesday, we will be meeting to go climbing “after work” at 5:00pm with other rad womxn from the Seattle area.

This is a great opportunity to work on leading, creating anchors, rappelling, hanging out, having fun and meeting new ladies to climb with.

*These are not guided trips and are purely recreational

Summer Cross Training

Interested in getting outside for the summer but still working out with your fellow lady crushers from the climbing gym?

Join everyone for some running and cycling mixed with free body HIIT circuits and hiking this summer! Work on strengthening your larger muscle groups.

We will be getting together at Discovery Park, Seward Park, Greenlake, Bellevue Park and various hiking destinations this summer in the morning, afternoon and on the weekends!

Tieton, WA

Weekend Rock Climbing Trip

Outdoor Climbing Trips


Join us on June 15-16th for some outdoor climbing at Teiton, WA

This trip is focused on traditional climbing and is for all levels!

If you are working on your trad, this is the spot to go!

We be camping together at Windy Point Campground.


June Social Event

Lets get out on the beach during the summer and have a bonfire and hang out with one another at Golden Gardens in Seattle, WA!

When: Saturday, June 29th Noon -9PM

Where: Golden Gardens, Seattle WA

Cost: FREE!

Please RSVP via the Facebook Event!

Share Your Voice


Never Stop Moving is about climbing, but it is also about community. This wee survey is totally optional and you can answer as many or as few questions as you wish. This is just a way for everyone to put facts to names, and to make connections within this diverse group. Your replies can be funny, serious, thoughtful, or just full of emojis. It's your choice. And by filling this out, you may be highlighted as a "Featured Climber" on the website and on our social media (with your permission). We would love to hear your voice!

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When I first moved to Seattle, I found Never Stop Moving and I have never looked back! I am so grateful to Megan and crew for being such a welcoming group, where I could train with other women who were also looking to improve their climbing while having a good time. The drills and training plan added order and organization to my climbing, helping me overcome plateaus and advance to the next level. Also, I love all the climbing trips that Megan organizes - from Vantage to Mazama and all the way up to Squamish, I feel like I’ve been able to experience so much of the beauty of the PNW and put all my climbing skills to use :) I highly recommend checking out Never Stop Moving !
— Claire
NSM is an amazing and supportive community! Whether you are training, learning or gathering for an outdoor adventure the vibe is always upbeat, approachable and positive. I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere and the opportunity to share with so many other women that love to climb.
— Katy
A great opportunity for women to get outdoors and climb in a community setting! Very organized and fun training and the outdoor trips are educational and supportive! Megan does a wonderful job of keeping everyone included as well as gives you that extra supportive push you need :) Love this group and the friendships I have made through it ♥
— Catherine
Never Stop Moving (NSM) is a welcoming group and has been awesome for encouraging and motivating me to become a better climber. The training can be grueling but the results pay off week [after] week. The highlight of it all is climbing outdoors and pushing yourself even further to greater heights!
— Sandy
I’m so happy I found Never Stop Moving! Not only have I become a better climber, but I’ve met great people and climbed in places I had never been before. Megan is a fantastic trip leader - her trips are well-organized and I’ve always felt very safe. If you’re looking to learn new climbing skills, get stronger, or meet new people, I would highly recommend checking out the training club and courses.
— Stefanie
NSM is my favorite! I found the group just after moving to Seattle last year and have made some great friends and climbing partners through the group :) I randomly signed up to go on a climbing trip to Mazama with the NSM group and didn’t know anyone at the time, but instantly felt welcomed and comfortable. I have since been on other trips and they’ve all been a great experience! Megan is extremely knowledgable about all things climbing and creates a safe and organized way to go on climbing trips with other rad people. I’ve made some great friends through the group and have since hung out and gone climbing with some of the ladies outside of NSM events.
— Adrienne
I’ve really enjoyed being a part of Never Stop Moving. In the few short months of being a member, I’ve met a lot of amazing climbers and climbed outside. Everyone is super supportive and there are several opportunities to learn new skills to grow as a climber. I highly recommend this club to anyone who is interested in going beyond the climbing gym!
— Denise
This summer, NSM has helped me check off milestone climbing goals! Last spring, I set a personal goal of leading my first climb by fall. I knew my climbing skills were strong enough, but I didn’t have the mindset. These girls helped me gain the confidence needed to feel comfortable on the wall. On my first trip with NSM, we drove out to Mazama. The whole trip was a blast. I met a wonderful group of ladies, decided to try scary things, and was introduced to a new type of outdoor climbing.
— Alex
When I moved to Seattle, my goal was to improve my climbing and start climbing outside. I have achieved both with NSM and I feel much more confident climbing with a group of such positive, patient, and supportive women. I’m really happy I found out about NSM and I’m really looking forward to continuing to learn and climb together.
— Erica
NSM has been awesome for me in a lot of ways. First, I don’t think I’d have the opportunity to go on outdoor trips without this group. It’s also so great how supportive everyone is of each other. And I feel like I’ve made some really good friends too. And I’ve gotten way stronger and better at climbing!
— Stephanie