Little Chucky, V4 in Joshua Tree

Little Chucky, V4 in Joshua Tree


Name: Sarah Rogers

Gym: Stone Gardens, Seattle

Years Climbing: 2.5

Favorite Type of Climbing: Bouldering

Favorite Outdoor Climbing Area: Squamish, BC

Largest Climbing Achievement: Sloppy Poppy, in one session <insert smiling sunglasses emoji hehehe>

Biggest climbing challenge you have overcome? I had to learn all kinds of new things and push away a lot of fear to do True Grit and Ragged Edge, the routes that take you up Vesper Peak. True Grit was my first (and so far only) multipitch, trad (following, with some sport mixed in, but STILL), and alpine route. All in one! Oh my god! That weekend was so rad, I still can't believe I did that and how happy I was belaying my partner 4 pitches up on a slabby cliff with nothing but air and a beeeeautiful valley beneath me...someday I'll decide to spend more time on a rope.

Climbing Goals: I have a lot, but I'll leave it at "someday I'm gonna dyno outside" so that maybe in 10 years with really special short girl beta I can send Street Car Named Desire [Joshua Tree, CA].

Favorite Climbing Training Activity: Laps on the training wall

Instagram:  @ashallowtown