Amanda Phillips


Name: Amanda Phillips

Gym: Stone Gardens, Ballard

Years Climbing: 2.5 Years

Favorite Type of Climbing: Bouldering

Favorite Outdoor Climbing Area: Leavenworth, WA

Largest Climbing Achievement:  A long, overhang V4 in the gym.  It was my first V4 and I was injured the following week.  After a few long months of rehab, I am hoping to make my way back to a V4.

Biggest climbing challenge you have overcome? Learning how to lead sport climb.  I am way less comfortable on ropes than on a boulder.  Facing fear and the mental aspect of climbing is a constant challenge for me when climbing.

Climbing Goals: Go to new areas for bouldering! Climb injury-free and work on my mental game.  

Favorite Climbing Training Activity: Long DIY traverses around the gym.

Instagram:  @every2pines


Blog Post

"About a month ago, I had the opportunity to join the Never Stop Moving climbing group for some outdoor climbing at Frenchman Coulee, also known as Vantage. Given that it was the first sunny weekend in a long while, I tried to cram as many fun outdoor things as possible in (the following day we headed to Mt. Rainier for some snowshoeing!). I had avoided top rope climbing for the past two years, as it can aggravate an elbow injury, but the chance to climb outside in the sunshine was too great to ignore! I had never been to Vantage, despite it being some great year-round climbing with many beginner sport routes and was quite excited to have the NSM gang show me the ropes (ha!)." READ THE REST ON HER WEBSITE!