Climbing Games


Look at a problem. Imagine how you would climb it. Memorize the sequence. Turn around. Tell your partner how to climb it. Then try it with that sequence. Try not to touch the holds beforehand. This mimics competitive climbing.


Works best with a maximum of four players. Find a route each of the players can do. The first player chooses a hold to take away. If you come off you have 3 chances. The first player then goes to the back of the queue and this goes on until there is only 1 player left or no holds left. Works best with small finger holds.

Add On

The first climber completes a short climbing sequence, adding one “move,” typically defined as one hand movement with set footholds (foot movements are not considered stand-alone moves). The next climber repeats the sequence and adds another move. If a climber cannot perform the previously added sequence, they fail. If they complete the added-on move, they add an additional move. If you fail three times you are eliminated. Continue adding on moves until there is one climber is left. You can help one another remember the sequence if you like. - Climbing Magazine


Write down about 10 different climbing moves that can include a drop-knee, right-hand lock-off, flagging, matching, left-hand dyno, gaston, heel hook, etc. Select four of the climbing moves and then try to create a problem or route that uses all of the movements.