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AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Wilderness First Responder Leave No Trace Trainer AIARE I Certification


Never Stop Moving Rock Instructor Owner and Trip Leader Kaf Adventures Rock Instructor The Mountaineers Basic Alpine Course Instructor Intermediate Alpine Course Instructor Explorer Search and Rescue King County

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I have been rock climbing for about 11 years with a main focus on sport climbing, traditional climbing, and alpine climbing. I grew up in Boston, MA and moved to Seattle, WA a little over 3 years ago where I fell in love with the mountains and climbing in the desert.

I have always loved teaching and found myself constantly meeting and working with newer climbers at the gym and helping them with their technique. Through my involvement with The Mountaineers and leading outdoor climbing trips with Never Stop Moving, I learned I was a good teacher. I finally decided to combine two passions of mine and start teaching my own rock climbing courses.

I have experienced the full spectrum of learning how to climb which makes me adaptable to a lot of people.

How do you learn? Whether you learn by doing, watching, reading/writing or listening, the course curriculum is built on providing each type of learning style to adapt to your learning needs. Everyone learns differently and we want to make sure you are learning in the most effective way possible so you are 100% confident in the material by the end of the course.

Are you afraid of heights or scared of lead climbing? I was too at one point and I still am sometimes, but I have learned how to overcome my fear to continue climbing and I want to help you do that too. I understand what it feels like to be terrified on a climb that can seem so easy and effortless to everyone else.

Ever cried on the climbing wall or after you got down? I have too and so have a lot of other people! It is okay to show emotion. I want to help you gradually work through your hesitations so you can become a stronger and more confident climber.

The list goes on!

I am so excited to share my knowledge and passion for the sport of rock climbing with each person who takes a course and beyond.