Never Stop Moving Training Log Cover

Training Log

The Never Stop Moving Training Program used in the climbing clubs are intended for women climbers of all ability levels. The harder you want to train, the harder the climbing sessions and circuits will be and vice versa.

The Training Log accompanies the 22 week periodized training program which consists of 5 phases; base, strength, power, power endurance, and performance. Each phase and its associated weekly climbing drills and circuits are detailed in the training log intended for you to follow during each climbing night. Each Training Log contains space for you to document your weekly achievements and to keep track of your progress!

If you would like to support Never Stop Moving and purchase one, they are $20 and can be obtained from your training club leader or by completing the form below!



Write out SMART goals for you to work towards throughout the year during the Never Stop Moving training seasons and outdoor climbing season.

Base - Training Log

Log what you completed during your climbing session on the left and your weight, reps and sets for the weights portion on the right. 

Outdoor Climbing

Log your outdoor climbing achievements every week either through trips you attended with Never Stop Moving or on your own! 

Strength - Training Log

Log your progress completing the climbing drills, hangboard exercises and circuit routines.

Power - Training Log

Log your achievements during the climbing sessions and your weights used during the circuits. You can also keep track of the grips, weight and time used during your hangboard training. 

Power Endurance - Training Log

Log your progress completing the climbing drills along with your work on the system board or other climbing specific training tools. 

Performance - Training Log

Log all your climbing accomplishments you complete each week after completing the other training phases. 

Base - training plan

The climbing drills completed during the Base phase are intended to encourage continuous easy climbing to prepare your body for the future training phases. 

Aerobic Activity

Log your cross training aerobic activity each week. This can include anything from biking, running, swimming, or the elliptical. 

Strength - Training PLan

The climbing drills completed during the Strength phase are intended to make you overall stronger through continuous, hard climbing. The hangboard workout also starts and continues through the Power phase.  

Power - Training Plan

The climbing drills completed during the Power phase are intended to help you become a more powerful climber by utilizing your legs and whole body to climb. The hangboard training continues as well. 

Power Endurance - Training Plan

The climbing drills completed during the Power Endurance phase are intended to enable you to climb powerful and difficult moves for an extended period of time. Instead of completing gym circuits similar to the other phases, we use climbing tools such as the System Board to train isolated movements. 

Performance - Training Plan

During the Performance phase, all you are doing is climbing and completing a simple circuit to maintain all your hard work achieved during the other phases.  


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