Leader - Exit 38 Climbing Series


Leader - Exit 38 Climbing Series


Leader - Exit 38 Climbing Series

Sign up to be a Leader on an Exit 38 Climbing Trip!

Meeting Place:

Exit 38 - Far Side Parking Lot or Dirty Harry's Trailhead unless otherwise noted

Meeting Time:

5:00pm (We will be leaving the parking lot at 5:15pm. If cannot be late since you are the trip leader so please try to be on time!


Leaders - Free unless otherwise specified

Since you are volunteering to be a trip leader, you do not have to pay for this trip unless otherwise specified.

Climbing Destinations:

  • June 4th: Gritscone Climbing Area: Far Side

  • June 18th: Headlight Point & Eastern Block Climbing Area: Far Side

  • July 2nd: Winter Block Climbing Area: Far Side

  • July 13th: Motherland Climbing Area: Far Side

  • July 30th: Neverland Climbing Area: Far Side

  • August 13th: Amazonia Climbing Area: Mount Washington

  • August 27th: Deception Wall Climbing Area: Deception Crags


If the trip is full, you can join the waitlist via the button below. You will be contacted via email and text message if you are removed off the waitlist.

Required Leader and Climbing Experience:

You are required to have passed a belay test at an indoor climbing gym. 

You should learn about and become familiar with the climbing area through guide books, mountain project or through other means.

Required and Recommended Climbing Gear: 


Please fill out a waiver prior to participating in any Never Stop Moving activities and events. This is required before you are able to attend.