Queer Sport Climbing Series

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Queer Sport Climbing Series


Learn how to sport climb outside with other queer climbers in a supportive inclusive, and fun environment


  • Students will learn, evaluate and demonstrate the ability to create a multitude of non-traditional rock climbing anchors using a variety of materials, knots and hitches, and understand their properties and applications.

  • Students will learn and demonstrate how to lead climb effectively using a variety of clipping methods and techniques while minimizing risk by preventing back-stepping, z-clipping and back-clipping via mock leading and eventually leading a variety of climbs.

  • Students will learn and demonstrate how to lead belay with a variety of devices and how to catch falls.

  • Students will understand various personal anchoring systems and applications.

  • Students will learn about different gear options, their properties and applications including ropes, quick draws, and anchor material.

  • Students will attend a recreational climbing weekend to practice the skills they learned during the course.


Helmet, Rock Climbing Shoes, Harness

ATC Belay Device & Locking Carabiner (or Grigri)


3 : 1 student to instructor ratio

9 hours of instruction and 2 days recreational practice

Minimum 2 enrolled participants for course to run

Maximum 6 students


Passed an indoor belay test and can top rope a minimum of 5.9.