Power Endurance Phase

Power Endurance Week 1,2,3

Week 1, 2, 3

Active Stretching

Technique Drills / Warm-up 

Complete at least 10 climbs, 2-4 grades below your maximum climbing ability.

Pick at least 1 climbing drill to complete during the warm-up. 

session 1: Bouldering

4 x 4 s:

Select 4 different climbing problems ranging from overhanging to slab climbs. 

Complete each climb 4 times in a row without pause. 

1 set should take 20 minutes. Complete 2 sets. 

Attempt each problem 3 times before moving on. 


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Session 2: Ropes

Hard - Easy - Hard:

Select and climb 3 different climbs in a row without rest.

Select 2 difficult climbs and 1 easy climb.

Choose overhanging climbs and down climb. 

Complete 5 sets of the 3 climbs. 

Rest 5 minutes between sets.  


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