Denise Borges - Member Picture

What's the most important thing you want people in the community to know about you?

I'm always looking for fun adventures and partners to climb with!

How did you discover climbing?

I always wanted to try climbing throughout my life. I decided to finally take the plunge when things got rough in my life around two years ago. It has been a wonderful way to relieve stress and discover my inner strength!

What's your go-to karaoke song?

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

What's your favorite kind of climbing? Why?

I've been getting into alpine rock climbing recently and I really enjoy it. It's a cool way to apply my trad skills and see remote places. I can't wait to see more epic summits!

How do you feel about oatmeal raisin cookies?

I'll eat them. I don't hate raisins.

What's your biggest challenge - climbing or in life?

Finding a balance between climbing and my career. Both are super different and time consuming.

Where would you go for your dream climbing trip?

I *REALLY* want to climb Mt. Forbidden! I also want to check out Red Rock, Squamish, and Joshua Tree.

What makes you unique?

I am very high energy and enjoy going on crazy last minute trips. I also like documenting all my adventures like a nerd. Check out my recent trips at!

What do you think of Never Stop Moving?

What would you like to share with a potential member?

I love Never Stop Moving. It's an amazing community to meet people and visit dream climbing spots. It has helped me continue to grow as a climber through the various events and I love that it's continuing to expand as an organization in what it offers.

Let's connect on the interwebs!

Instagram: artsyclimber