Our Supporters

Summit for Wellness

Summit For Wellness helps to get people back outside after suffering a health crisis or injury. We put our focus on the entire person, and treat root causes of issues. This process gets you back to your favorite activities faster, safer, and stronger than you were before. We work remotely and in person. You can also listen to the Summit For Wellness Podcast to stay up to date on the latest health information.

Alpine Training Project

Alpine Training Project offers online ski-training programs that can be done without equipment at home or at the gym. Alpine Training Project was designed to be the gold standard for injury reduction with an ultimate goal of enhancing performance on the snow through sport-specific training.

Video-led exercises guide you through programs designed to allow you to train with a whole season in mind while tracking your progress. We are all licensed physical therapists with backgrounds in recovery science, zone based training, squat biomechanics and the principles of physiologic adaptation. ATP is research-led with the individual starting point driving the component exercises. See how dryland training can exponentially improve your time in the mountains.

Summit Everett Logo

Summit Everett

Summit Everett is a new rock climbing gym located in Everett, WA. They provide opportunities for everyone by having half price day passes for students every Friday and for ladies every Wednesday. Summit Everett provides rock climbing courses to enable you to feel confident in the gym whether you are a beginner or experienced.


TrainingBeta is a site dedicated to rock climbing training. They provide resources and information about training for route climbing, training for bouldering, finger strength training, mental training for climbing, nutrition for climbers, and everything in between. Check out their blog, their interviews on the TrainingBeta Podcast, their rock climbing training programspersonal training for climbing, and nutrition for climbers.

Seattle Bouldering Project

The Seattle Bouldering Project (SBP) has been a great supporter of Never Stop Moving by letting us use their climbing space for events and sharing Mercedes Pollmeier, a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Seattle Bouldering Project is a bouldering only state-of-the-art climbing gym located in the southern part of Seattle, WA. Never Stop Moving and Mercedes Pollmeier have worked together to host training clinics inside and gym and outdoors! SBP has generously supported Never Stop Moving and our mission of inspiring and motivating female climbers to reach their full potential in a team setting. Thank you for believing in us and working with us!

Elevation Rock Gym

Elevation Rock Gym is the newest addition to the Never Stop Moving supporter collection! This gym is supporting us running a training club in Logan, Utah! This will be our first Never Stop Moving Training Club located outside of the state of Washington. 

Elevation Rock Gym has climbing and yoga and is a great place to get into the amazing sport of Rock Climbing. Check it out the next time you are in northern Utah! Thank you for supporting us!

Alpenglow Collective

Never Stop Moving stumbled upon Alpenglow Collective during our first Ladies Night Event in 2016. Elyse Cogburn, co-founder, asked to set up a table and of course, we welcomed her with open arms! Elyse has also been a great advocate and advisor to Never Stop Moving where her enthusiasm and excitement for expanding the climbing community is contagious!

Alpenglow Collective is a women's climbing forum where you can learn about all women-related climbing events around the West Coast. You can even become a mentor for other women in various parts of the country! Check out their website and join their amazing community. Thank you for your support!

Boldly Went

Boldly Went is an amazing start-up company looking to share adventure stories with everyone worldwide. The co-founder, Angel Rossi Mathis stumbled upon Never Stop Moving at a Women's Networking event at Seattle Bouldering Project. Since that evening, we have joined together through various beers to discuss our personal endeavours. Angel has been great to have as an advisor and is a wonderful person. 

Check out the website to learn how you can share your adventure story at one of their next live events! You can even become an adventure buddy through their Navigator Network. Thank you for connecting with us and working together to support one another!

Heather DuBrall Photography

Heather is an amazing woman who has inspirations to become an outdoor adventure photographer! Heather learned about Never Stop Moving through a networking event called "Ladies: How to get into it so you can get after it" hosted by Patagonia in the downtown Seattle office. She was so enthusiastic to get involved and inspire more women to get out there climbing! Heather is helping Never Stop Moving to obtain amazing photographs as well as working on some fun video projects! We cannot wait to continue our collaboration!