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Training for Climbing Club Volunteers

Kayla Duskin

Stone Gardens - Seattle, WA

Photo Credit:   Megan Fritz

Photo Credit: Megan Fritz

About ME:

I started climbing casually when I was in college when a friend gave me her hand me down shoes. I started climbing with NSM about a year ago and have grown so much as a climber and have conquered so many of my old fears. The thing I love most about climbing is the way it teaches me that fear and failure are normal parts of life, not the end of the world. I love the opportunity to challenge myself to do something outside of my comfort zone so frequently. NSM is also a great place to support and be supported by other strong womxn. My other passions in life include hiking and backpacking, my orange cat named Penny, and cookies of all kinds.

Claire Vezie

Stone gardens - seattle, WA

Bree Maciver

stone gardens - bellevue, WA

Claire Vezie Photo
Bree Profile Picture

About ME:

I started climbing in college and have been off and on climbing since then but never consistently. After moving to Seattle, I got a gym membership and began climbing more frequently. However, I never felt like I was getting any better. I joined NSM back in the fall and I love it. The community is so supportive, it challenges me positively and I can feel myself improving. Working with other people keeps me motivated and keeps it fun! 

My goals this year are to climb outside more and to learn how to lead. Apart from climbing, I love hiking/backpacking, taking my dog on adventures, and baking.

I am super excited to join the club coordinator team and to crush goals with a badass crew of womxn.   

About ME:

I moved to Washington from North Carolina a few years ago. I moved here after spending a summer working on San Juan Island. I am inspired by the landscape and seemingly endless possibilities for outdoor adventure. I have been climbing since I moved here and got involved with the Mountaineers Organization. As my interest in rock climbing grew, so did my interest in finding women I could climb with regularly. I found the NSM group and have had such a positive experience climbing with the women in this group. I have become a more confident and skilled climber because of this group.

Emily Johnson

summit Everett - EVERETT, WA

Ursula Schwenn

summit Everett - EVERETT, WA


About ME:

Emily was raised in rural Alaska where she grew up hiking, picking berries, and swimming in glacial lakes. She moved to Tacoma, WA for college to pursue a degree in Elementary Education with an outreach focus. Since graduating Emily has worked in a few non-profits that have taken her traveling internationally and also connected her to the climbing community. This past January she married her husband Paul and they moved to Everett. They began climbing at Summit Everett and Emily connected with the NSM group then which was a great place of community and training in the midst of living in a new city. Emily recently began working full-time with Summit Everett as their Youth Coordinator which has been exciting to combine her passion for teaching, working with kids, and climbing. Emily has been climbing for the past 5 years both indoor and outdoors. Other than climbing Emily can usually be found running, hiking, or hanging out with her husband, dog, and friends.

Ursala Image

About ME:

Still feeling like a relative newbie, I started climbing in late 2018 after an invite to join a friend at an intro to climbing class at Summit Everett. I had just turned 40, and spent the last 2 summers crewing for some amazing athletes in Race Across America, and was in dire need of my own physical endeavor that pushed my edges and made me feel strong and powerful. I was quickly hooked, committing to several days in the gym every week and getting outside whenever I could. I’m so indebted the gracious Summit community and crew, and all the strong and more experienced climbers (and friends!) who have literally shown me the ropes.

My climbing goals for the next year include gaining more confidence taking falls while on lead, advancing my lead skills to 5.10s and TR to 5.11s, and really pushing myself on the bouldering walls. I also hope to include some climbing centric trips this year!

When not climbing, I can be found at Seattle Children’s Hospital supervising the playroom and coordinating a weeklong overnight camp for kids with special needs, chillin’ with my husband and dog, and tending my little farmlet.

Claire Grant

Vertical World - Seattle, WA

Claire Grant Photo

About ME:

I started climbing a year ago as a way to hang with my ski friends outside of winter, and quickly realized it's not only totally awesome but also a great way to learn ways to work through my anxiety. As a training club coordinator I hope to provide women-identifying folk with the proper tools, encouragement, and empowerment for some sick sends. 

When I'm not climbing, I'm daylighting as an early childhood educator or shredding gnar on the slopes of Steven's Pass. I'm a casual backpacker and cyclist, and hope to get into some mountaineering this summer as well. I also love volunteering for basically anything I can, watching terrible movies with my cat, and cooking for my friends.

Elise Murphy

Seattle Bouldering Project - SEATTLE, WA

Photo Credit:   Heather Dubrall Photography  [ photo cropped ]

Photo Credit: Heather Dubrall Photography [photo cropped]

About ME:

I started bouldering indoors early in 2018 and took an outdoor sport climbing class over the summer.  I've fallen in love with the challenge and accomplishments that come with the sport, though the heights still sometimes get to me!  Over the summer I started climbing with NSM during the Exit 38 Series and am excited to be co-leading the SBP training nights starting Spring 2019!

I moved to Seattle in May 2015 from Chicago and absolutely love the PNW.  I work in IT Security for Electronic Arts, protecting video games from hackers and fraudsters.  My other hobbies include hiking, traveling, and volunteering with animals.  I am a team lead at Seattle Animal Shelter for critters (any animal that isn't a cat or dog) and the guinea pig foster coordinator.  I also volunteer at Pasado's Safe Haven with goats, pigs, cows and other barnyard friends and work once a month at a spay/neuter clinic.

Erica McEachern

Seattle Bouldering Project - SEATTLE, WA

Stephanie Angione

Edgeworks - Tacoma, WA


About ME:

Erica started climbing on a lark. Her friends were doing it and it looked fun. Now, she's usually at SBP at least four days a week, pushing herself to climb the "cool" colors or taking up space in the gym. She has gone from a casual climber to that nerd that sits up at night watching climbing videos on the web. She's always looking for ways to make climbing more inclusive, especially for marginalized folk. You can usually find her wearing some sassy t-shirt (her favorite right now is "Short Girl Beta"). When she's not climbing she is usually chasing around her two pitbulls and mischievous beagle - who are ALWAYS getting into something.

Stephanie Angione Photo

About me:

I learned to climb four years ago while living in Boston, MA and began my climbing journey with the Appalachian Mountain Club. I learned to climb trad at the Gunks and crags across New Hampshire before embarking on van life across the west in 2017. Now that I've settled in Washington, I've found NSM to be an inspiring and welcoming community, one that I'm truly grateful to be a part of. Climbing has turned from a hobby to a life passion for me, and I am looking to become a certified AMGA guide in the next year

Janessa Zucchetto

Wild Walls - Spokane, WA

Cydney Whitehead

Wild Walls - Spokane, WA

Janessa Zucchetto - Spokane Coordinator

About ME:

I recently moved from Seattle to Logan, Utah. So far I am amazed by the outdoor recreation that Utah has to offer. I’m looking forward to exploring my new home with friends that share my passion for climbing.

For me climbing offers an intersection of three really great things: an intimate perspective of the outdoors, a continuous challenge, and genuine people. I started climbing while attending college in Eastern Washington. I liked the workout climbing provided but even more it helped me to completely focus my busy mind on a single task--getting up the wall. Even today I find climbing meditative.

After years of graduate school and international travel funded by random seasonal employment, I moved to Seattle where I joined Never Stop Moving. My experience as part of NSM was overwhelmingly positive. I became a more confident climber and met some truly exceptional friends. My nostalgia for the Seattle group and my desire to get to know my new community have motivated me to start the Utah chapter of NSM!

About ME:

Megen Kepas

Elevation Gym - North Logan, Ut


About ME:

I started climbing close to two years ago after moving to Logan, Utah for grad school. My first climbing partner was a fellow grad student and trad climber who needed a climbing partner/route cleaner. My very first climbing experiences were on trad routes outside, and my first ever lead was a trad route (I didn't realize how weird that was until later on). I love crack climbing, and I try to get down to the desert when I can. This past winter I started bouldering hard and working on improving my sport climbing technique. I am absolutely stoked on all styles of climbing and I'm happy to get out and do any of it! I also have some wonderful friends and mentors who have taken the time to teach me about gear, anchors, multi pitching etc. I am so grateful to them, and I hope that more women can have that experience.

Maria Moran

Social Event Coordinator

Photo Credit:   Heather Dubrall Photography  [ photo cropped ]

Photo Credit: Heather Dubrall Photography [photo cropped]


Climbing has become such an integral part of my life in the last 4 years; it is probably the most passionate I have been about something since college! It keeps me active and sane and happy.  

One of the best parts of climbing is the community, especially the women. There is something magical about crushing it at the crag with a group of ladies who are strong, smart, encouraging, and FUN!

I have noticed great improvement in my climbing in the last few months & I absolutely credit NSM for that. My confidence in myself has been taken to the next level and I am attempting routes that I didn’t think I would have the strength or mental capacity to tackle. NSM has provided a welcoming and inclusive environment for me to ask questions and try new things without feeling self-conscious.

I am thrilled to be able to give back in some way to this community. Can’t wait to keep learning, improving, and being inspired by all you rock star babes out there!

MJ Parales

FITNESS Coordinator



I recently moved to the Seattle area from Virginia after transferring to McChord Air Force base. I had always been into hiking and trail running, so moving to the mountains was an absolute dream come true. I stumbled upon Seattle Bouldering Project and knew right away climbing was going to be my thing. My first climb outside was at Exit 38, and so far, I have made it to beautiful sites at Smith Rock, Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, and Mount Erie. 

There’s just something so mentally, physically, and emotionally satisfying in hugging rock, walking around barefoot, and connecting with nature. It has truly been my spiritual healing during times of stress and doubt. The sense of community has also been a large component of this magical sport. It’s incredible to come together with women of all backgrounds and abilities who have this shared wild passion of playing in the dirt together, laughing, sharing snacks and stories, and fueling the fire for a happy life! When I’m not at the gym or crag, you can find me playing or fixing guitars, or at the flightline where I’m an Air Force C-17 jet propulsion specialist. 

Heather DuBrall


Heather DuBrall Photographer


Influenced and inspired by nature, the human condition and chasing endless experiences, I shoot to capture photos and share stories of adventure, passion and the connection between all things.

Over the last year, my path ventured into the world of climbing. It quickly became a passion because climbing challenges me to look into the unknown, face my fears and push myself beyond where I believe my limits to be. Climbing is a moving meditation that’s given me a new way to explore my mind and body with greater depth. When I’m on the wall I’m there, nothing else has my attention, I’m present and fully aware of myself in relation to my surroundings - it’s exciting and humbling.

I want to live a life of adventure and share the thrill of it through photography and storytelling so I can encourage and support others who want to find connections and journey deeper into the world of exploration. I’m excited to be part of this rising community in Seattle, there’s no better place lay roots than here in the Pacific Northwest!

Erica McEachern

newsletter coordinator

Erica Newsletter Photo


After retiring from roller derby, I needed an outlet. Surprisingly, roller derby and climbing have a lot in common - understanding how your body works in space, finding efficient solutions, taking risks. So, two years ago a few friends introduced me to bouldering and I've been climbing off and on ever since. It's only since I met the amazing humans with NSM that I really dedicated myself to my practice. I'm finally ready to get out of the gym and start applying my skills outside, and may be ready to try top rope. I think. (Do what scares you, right?)

Beyond climbing I'm a content developer at a Microsoft, dog-mom to three ridiculous puppies (two pitbulls - Gelati and Doppio, and a beagle - Pip), a merry traveler, a brutal editor, a professional procrastinator, a collector of tattoos, and occasionally, a decent cook. Being queer, older (over 40, and proud), and a newer climber, I've found a supportive space here with NSM, and I couldn't be happier.

Trip Leaders

Nastassia Trip Leader Photo

Nastassia Barber

Years Rock Climbing: 2 years

Favorite Climbing Destination: North Cascades, WA

Favorite Type of Climbing: The kind that is mostly hiking (Alpine Climbing)

Fun Fact: I can eat 3 lbs of strawberries in one sitting

Stephanie Angionie Trip Leader Photo

Stephanie Angione

Years Rock Climbing: 3 years

Favorite Climbing Destination: Red Rocks, LV & Indian Creek, UT

Favorite Type of Climbing: Traditional Climbing

Fun Fact: I traveled around and lived in an RV for the last 1.5 years! 

Jum Funk Trip Leader Photo

Jum Funk

Years Rock Climbing: 13 years

Favorite Climbing Destination: Smith Rock, OR & Mazama, WA

Favorite Type of Climbing: Sport but trad is *almost* equally enjoyable!

Fun Fact: Many moons ago in Bolivia I decided to mountain bike down the deadliest road in the world aka "Death Road". I had no idea how to shift gears on a bike. But somehow I survived. Intact. 

Denise Trip Leader

Denise Borges

Years Rock Climbing: 2 years

Favorite Rock Climbing Destination: So far Vantage, but I'm looking forward to climbing Smith Rock, Squamish, and Red Rock.

Favorite Type of Climbing: Sport climbing! I'm learning trad climbing.

Fun Fact: I also love mountaineering and painting landscapes in acrylic and gouche. 

Tiffany Sampson Picture

Tiffany Samson

Years Rock Climbing: 7 years

Favorite Climbing Destination: Smith Rock, OR; Vantage, WA and Skaha, BC

Favorite Type of Climbing: Sport Climbing

Fun Fact: My #1 crag meal is a veggie sandwich with Three Girls Bakery roasted garlic bread, hummus, avocado and yellow bell pepper. 

Maria Moran Trip Leader Photo

Maria Moran

Years Rock Climbing: 4 years

Favorite Climbing Destination: Vantage, WA

Favorite Type of Climbing: Sport Climbing

Fun Fact: I like to dance salsa, bachata, & Zumba 


Eve wool

Years Rock Climbing: 1.5

Favorite Climbing Destination: Vantage

Favorite Type of Climbing: Sport

Fun Fact: I lived the last 5 years in NYC, so I am really excited to live somewhere where I can climb outdoors!

Claire Grant Photo

Claire Grant

Years Rock Climbing: 1.5

Favorite Climbing Destination: Mazama

Favorite Type of Climbing: Anything on rock!

Fun Fact: I've never wanted anything designed for specifically for left-handed people until I held a Gri-Gri.