Date: October 12th - 13th, 2018

Location: Vantage, WA

Author: Claire

Training Stage: Power

Climbing Type: Sport Climbing

Claire looking awesome posing in front of the tall walls at Vantage, WA!

Claire looking awesome posing in front of the tall walls at Vantage, WA!

Vantage is a place that comes up in conversation frequently, at least in Washington. “Oh you climb, have you been to Vantage?” But until last weekend, I had never made it out there. As it was the last climbing trip of the season, Megan allowed anyone that wanted to join, to come. So Saturday morning, bright and early there were about 20 women, backpacks full of gear and snacks, ready to go.

The first wall we went to was ZigZag Wall. A less trafficked wall, maybe because it is shaded until mid afternoon, but with climb options between 5.8 and 5.10, it was a good place to start. Stephanie belayed Jum as she led one climb and Megan belayed Maria as she led another. In total, the group put up 6 different climbs. It was a bit chilly so whilst we weren’t climbing, we huddled in the patch of sun in the field below.

Next we moved over to the Kotick Memorial Wall. Here we set up another 4 climbs and whilst we weren’t climbing, basked in the sun. Something I noticed was the encouragement and trust of this group of people I had mostly never met before. Everyone was willing to help, to learn a little more about climbing outside, and open to challenging themselves.

After a night of camping, we woke on Sunday and headed to the Sunshine Wall. I understand why it has its name, feeling the warm sun on my back all day in October was beautiful! There were a couple other groups near us but we still managed to get 5 climbs up including Vantage Point. We spent until about 2:00pm climbing and enjoying the blue sky and sunshine. At that point, I headed out but the group continued on to Memorial Wall before calling it a weekend, and a great one at that.

Some notable achievements of the weekend:

Kristin led her first outdoor climb.

Melissa got stuck on the wall, thanks to Megan and Alex for getting her down.

Stephanie led a trad route.

Amanda climbed outside for the first time.

Megan got to complete her first necessary weighted belay escape.

Orion and Baker (the dogs) made it through the chute.

A whole group of inspired, recharged, excited womxn climbers.