The ladies bringing it together after an awesome day climbing at Fun Rock at Mazama, WA!

The ladies bringing it together after an awesome day climbing at Fun Rock at Mazama, WA!

DATE: JUNE 23RD, 2018





No better way to welcome the summer solstice than a combination of climbing, sunshine, river bathing, and sisterhood! We knew prior to the trip that the weather in Mazama would be in the high 70's/ low 80's, so I packed a gallon jug of water and my river clothes to stay cool and hydrated. 

Following the 5 hour drive filled with laughs and deep talks from Seattle to Mazama, my carpool reached the campsite after dark. We pitched our tents and set up camp by the river, aided with the luminescence of our headlamps. One of our members, Raechel, who lives in the area graciously made sure navigation and directions were clear for all the carpools to follow and make it there safely. Reliable Raechel :)

The next morning we packed for the day and headed out to the crag, Fun Rock. And what an appropriate name this was, as the approach was less than 5 minutes with little to no elevation gain. If you're looking for no-funny business and just to hop on some routes directly, Fun Rock is your Mazama go-to.

This trip was a milestone for me--in that I had taken one of my biggest lead falls on a 10.b at Fun Rock. I never did get to finish leading that route, but the fall felt like an accomplishment in itself. Even more of a delight was earning a huge sense of trust and respect to my belayer, for giving me a soft-catch to such a big fall. Kudos to Siserra!!

Speaking of Kudos, huge thanks to Megan for refreshing us on anchor building, knots and double triple quadruple checking that we were all safe out there. She spent the majority of her time mentoring those who were curious in sharpening their skills.

We ended the day with a dip in the frigid river to wash off all of the muck we accumulated from a day of sweat, chalk, and dirt followed by an impromptu dinner at the Mazama Store. The sun was shining and didn't set until about 10pm. Upon the return back to the camp site, we reflected on our highs, lows, and climbing goals of the day-- with the common theme of feeling supported, accomplished, and hungry to learn more. I love the encouragement and ambition that the members of this group exude. I love the wisdom and sense of good stewardship that Megan passes on. I love everything about this weekend.