DATE: MAY 5TH 2019





Gold Bar Trip Report Photo

It was a small group of 3, Caroline, Eve and Lindsey (and Caroline's dog Cosmo!), lead by Sarah.  For Caroline, Eve and Lindsey, it was their first time bouldering outside!  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  Everyone enjoyed the cool morning air, and the clear views on the hike into the bouldering area out in Gold Bar (which we had to ourselves almost the whole time!). 

Sarah did a great job showing the basics of setting up mats, how to spot other climbers, and how to find routes from the guide book.  She took everyone to warm up on a V0, and all 3 of us were surprised at how much harder it was compared to bouldering in a gym!  But as the day went on, we all felt a little more confident and were trying V2's and V3's to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. 

Eve and Lindsey each had their "bouldering moment" and were able to top out some of their most challenging routes!  Caroline's dog Cosmo proved to be a great crag dog, he was content chewing sticks, digging up dirt, and watching Caroline challenge herself on different routes.  Sarah ended her day working on her project, and showing us a fun V3 that we are all determined to get next time.  All in all it was a great day.  :)