Upcoming Events

Hang out with each other outside of climbing!



Reel Womxn Rock Poster

Reel Womxn Rock

(if you cannot afford the $10, please email info@neverstopmvoing.org.)

All first-come, first-serve free tickets are sold out.

NSM Outreach Fund

Help womxn in underserved communities and recovering from substance abuse learn about the climbing community, open doors for them to become involved and experience how much rock climbing can help you grow individually.

All proceeds will go towards paying back the movie fee ($200) plus any extra will be put into a separate NSM fund for creating these opportunities and expanding the rock climbing community to others. NSM will work with local recovery centers for substance abuse to provide opportunities for womxn to attend NSM events and classes and provide gear for free!



October Social Event

Let’s celebrate Halloween!

It’s okay if you are nervous, we are too! Let’s team up together and help one another through this scary time!

Where: Stalker Farms

When: October 13th 7:00-10:00pm

Cost: $20

RSVP: Email info@neverstopmoving.org.



NSM Team Climb Night Poster

Let’s Climb Together!

Let's get together the NSM Family and go climbing at Stone Gardens Bellevue and grab dinner or drinks afterwards!

(aka...this is a closed event for everyone who has a volunteer position with Never Stop Moving)

I am hoping to have these every couple of months at various gyms to get everyone together and hang out and socialize, feel more connected, chat about how the clubs and trips are going and anything else on your minds!

I know some of you are located far away but I wanted to send you the invite anyways to make everyone feel welcome...who knows...maybe you will drive 14 hours for this evening??? I am not one to judge and you are more than welcome to stay at my house! :p